10 of The Best UK Clubs- Chosen by The Experts

  1. Fabric, London: It is the most renowned club with the best sound system in the world. People really love and like its services. In spite of the hard times faced by the club it is as it was at the beginning. Each and every room has something different to provide to the people. On Friday, the crowd is young whereas on Saturdays, it is a bit older. Visiting the club is a unique experience for a visitor and they will thoroughly enjoy each and every moment spent at the club.
    Fabric, Londan
  2. The Rainbow Venues, Birmingham: The Rainbow Venues is located at the prominent position of the Birmingham. People have learnt a lot in short time and they really feel wonderful while visiting the place. It has a large place with so many rooms and different vibes. The Cellar and the warehouse are the favorites of everyone. They feel like home while visiting the club.
    The Rainbow Venues, Birmingham
  3. Leeds West Indian Centre: This Centre is the most reputed night club in UK which is owned by Simon Scott. It has been providing services to a crowd of all ages for the last 17 years. Walking down the ramp into the main room is an awesome experience itself. The crowd in the club is respectful and some of them have been the regular visitors for the last 5 years. It consists of the perfect sound system in the globe.
    Leeds West Indian Centre
  4. Dalston Superstore, London: The founder of the Dalston Superstore is Dan Beaumont and Mickey, who is a business partner. On the ground floor, one can enjoy party and DJ’S. There are the cheerful services of art exhibition that makes everyone feel wonderful. The basement is a dark place that opens up to best DJ’S. The audience in the club is full of enthusiasm, happy and aristocratic in nature. One can see almost everything that a club can provide.
    Dalston Superstore, London
  5. Soup Kitchen, Manchester: This club came into existence where there were no good clubs in the city. It has two floors that are upstairs and downstairs. The visitors of the club are the mixture of old and young students. It has exotic regular nights. Its main specialty is on music rather than on lights or photographers. It has a dark room with a nice sound system and gentle folks.
    Soup Kitchen, Manchester
  6. Sub Club, Glasgow: This club has been considered as the core of the music and dance over the last 25 years. It has a low ceiling with a splendid sound system. One can find a hyperactive and cordial dance floor with enthusiastic group of people. The timings of the club are 11pm to 3am.
    Sub Club, Glasgow
  7. The Full Moon Pub and Attic Bar, Bristol: It is one of the big clubs that consist of the outstanding night life experience. The club is having more extensive based policy of the music. The property is located very near to the localized high street. All kinds of drinks are well served in a luxurious manner.
    The Full Moon Pub and Attic Bar, Bristol
  8. Concorde 2, Brighton: It is one of the splendid night clubs with highly quality based light system along with specialized sound system. It consists of the best exotic vibrations. There is no other amazing club like it in the entire U.K. Being in here; one does not have the feeling of a night club, but of a packed club.
    Concorde 2, Brighton
  9. Haus at Camp and Furnace, Liverpool: Most of the people like the club because there is little lightening with sound system. Waxxx, the main club runs every month. It is having a bid disco floor. Come and enjoy your visit in the club.
    Haus at Camp and Furnace, Liverpool
  10. The Night Kitchen Sheffield: if you want to enjoy music without a raised platform, the Night Kitchen is an appropriate place for the entertainment of nice tunes. The club is run by two great ventures and creative arts development space. It is a worth visiting pub for a great experience.
    The Night Kitchen Sheffield
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