3 Most Adventurous Trekking Destinations in India

Do you love adventure? The spine-chilling performance that every trekker loves to experience with each mountaineering trek, is something that is astounding. India, a country surrounded by the great Himalayas, has great trekking spots that are a must try for everyone out there who love to take a risk in order to see some divine scenic beauties that lie in the lap of the Himalayas. This winter, make your long overdue wish come true. Go for these three topmost trekking routes with your travel buddies. The name of the places that we are going to provide you here are the most sought out amongst the trekkers. Keep reading!

The Silk Route:


This ancient route is in Sikkim. This route came from Lhasa crossing Chumbi Valley and then passing on to Nathula Pass and from there coming to an end to Tamluk, West Bengal. If you are daring enough, go for the by-cycle expedition for this silk route. The zigzag roads of this route are something that you must try before you hit 30, you know! There are many routes that you can take in order to cover the whole of the silk route. It is an ancient trade route that used to be an offshoot for the traders. Start from Icche Gaon, enjoy the pine forest of this place, from there go to Reshikhola, from Reshikhola, try to head out for Mankhim which will take you to the next stop, Gnathang Valley. From there, go to Zuluk, and come back following this route only. You can even take a detour and visit the famous Baba Mandir. This is a route that will make your trip worthy on every aspect, believe us!

Dzongri and Goecha La Trek:


The famous Dzongri and Goecha La trek is another most sought after trekking route that is every trekker’s delight. Once you decide for the trek, pick your date when there is full moon. The moonlit night and the dim rays of the full moon when reflected on the snow-capped mountains just in front of you, is something divine, something magical. Many prefer for a night trek just to enjoy the bliss of the nature on this part of the Himalayas. On your way to Thansing to Goecha La, if you are lucky enough, you would be graced with the ethereal beauty of the Kanchenzunga Peak. The lakes of Dzongri, the pine forests and many unknown streams of Thansing that will fall on your way to Goecha La will make you come back for this trek time and again. This is another trekking route where you must go with your travel buddies to enjoy the best days of your life. Remember, the trek is tough enough and the temperature often remains harsh. For this, you would need to get prepared with proper equipment and apparels.

Chadar Trek:


This winter, let go of everything and get prepared for the world famous Chadar Trek. ‘Chadar’ means sheet. The trek is on a frozen river named Zanskar. The Zanskar River starts to freeze from the starting of December and by the end of January, the river becomes completely frozen, resembling a white sheet of cloth. You will be walking on the frozen river which is at the same time exciting as well as intimidating. During the winter, the Zanskar Velly, that lay deep in the mountains, becomes inaccessible, and this trek on the frozen river is the only way to get access to the valley of Zanskar, the heart of Leh. This is one trek which attracts adventure lovers from across the world. In order to get the permission to go on this trek, you will have to be deemed physically and mentally fit. Then there are the temperatures dropping below -30degree Celsius. But the Chadar Trek is a lifetime experience and is only for those who love the mountains and long to go on a trek that is both tough and exciting.

There are many other trekking routes that are there in India. Remember always to be physically fit before you decide on going for a trekking. Also, proper equipment and proper shoes are the other two most important aspects you must take care of. So, don’t wait up anymore. Go for these trekking routes and have a lifetime experience!

Updated: October 27, 2016 — 2:45 pm

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