3 Secret Beaches That People of Every Age Would Love to Know and Explore

Do you love beaches? If yes, then there are hundreds of them all over the world, with some popular and overcrowded throughout the year. It could be that you are not interested in the crowd and would like to look at the undisturbed waves in action, its sound of splashing on the beach, the seagulls shrieking and the likes. A less crowded beach is what you might have in mind. There are indeed several off-the-beaten-path amazing beaches, which you can explore alone or with your beloved one to enjoy every moment of it.

Few secret beaches to be explored!

Anakena Beach, Chile, Easter Island

Anakena Beach, Chile, Easter Island

One of the world’s remotest places is Easter Island boasting of having an airport. Although far from everywhere, it is very connected to the rest of the world. You can get into this place from two places, namely, Papeete, French Guinea and Santiago, Chile. Upon arriving, you can visit Anakena Beach or Playa Anakena. This beach is fabulous, remote, gorgeous and mysterious. Being oval in shape, it has pristine sand, warm azure water and has been flanked by Easter Island’s popular Moai.

Sancho Beach, Fernando-de Noronha in Brazil

Sancho Beach, Fernando-de Noronha in Brazil

Sancho or Praia do Sancho, as it is named, is among the most beautiful beaches of the world. It is on a small Brazilian island that it is located off Brazil’s northeast coast, being equidistant from Recife and Natal. Hence, you have the option to get into this place from either city. It is, undoubtedly, a gorgeous beach and a fabulous screensaver for your computer. For accessing this beach, you are to go down a steep cliff, upon which you can get to see the expansive beach, but minus the crowd! This exotic beach is sure to fulfill your dreams of visiting real paradise.

Ses-Illetes Beach, Balearic Islands, Formentera, Spain

Ses-Illetes Beach, Balearic Islands, Formentera, Spain1

This beach is located at Formentera, a small Spanish Island and can be rightly termed to be Europe’s as well as the Mediterranean’s best beach. Formentera is said to be located close to Ibiza Island’s coast. From Ibiza, you can hire a boat for reaching the spot. It is rather a multi-sided beach, unlike other Mediterranean beaches, boasting of having soft, beautiful, white sand, giving the entire appearance to be much like that of a Southeast Asian or Caribbean beach. Being spectacular, you are sure to have that European feeling here. You can walk on its long shores getting to see the beach from various angles, appreciating its beauty.

The above three beaches are secretive to the outside world, and hence, you can expect serenity and calm and not be disturbed by anyone during your trip.

Updated: May 23, 2016 — 12:09 pm
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