5 Best Places to Celebrate Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is nearly at our door. With so much love and romance all around, this time of the year calls for a romantic getaway to a romantic destination with your partner. In the case, you are confused about choosing a place for your Valentine getaway; we have the top 5 picks for you.

San Francisco, California:-


Flirty San Francisco is an ideal place to woo your love with lots of chocolates, champagne and not to forget, the canoodling penguins. There is a sweet stroll in the city. A champagne and chocolate tour is organised where you can stop by at various chocolate and champagne stalls in town. You can enrol yourself in the ‘woo at the zoo’ event where sex tips are given by the bees and the birds. The city offers plentiful candle light dinner restaurants to end the day with some sumptuous food.

Denver, Colorado:

Denver, Colorado

The famous Brown Hotel Palace celebrates the day of love the entire February. The interesting part about the celebrations here is that it is for both the singles as well as the couples. The single and broken hearted one can choose the package, which has a stress relief massage, a cocktail and a book, which will talk about heartbreak and how to overcome it. The hotel also offers a romantic, historic tour of the romantic lives of celebrities and even politicians. A special chocolate brunch is organised for the ones feeling amorous.

Paris, France:


Nothing says love like Paris. Walk together in the flowery gardens, kiss passionately at Pont Royal, take a twilight cruise on river Seine or climb the stairs at Sundown. Sounds picture perfect!

Kerala, India:

Kerala, India

The lush green coconut groves and lots of rice paddies slide into a picturesque view as you cruise along the Kerala backwaters. The destination lures Valentine’s Day couples with a balmy climate and rejuvenating Ayurvedic massages.

Grasse, Provence:

Grasse, Provence

Roses, jasmine and lavender bloom in the world’s most fragrant city, Grasse in Provence. An ochre-hued city, Provence is a romantic destination for celebrating the Valentine’s Day. There is also a special two-hour long workshop organised at Galimard runs where you can customize a signature perfume for the one you love.

So, this Valentine’s Day, upgrade from the roses and chocolates to a faraway romance. The world and Mother Nature have plenty of options for you. We hope you have an adventurous and romantic Valentine’s Day 2016.

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Updated: January 15, 2016 — 12:41 pm
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