Attractive Spots in Puerto Rico

Visit some of the most exciting and incredibly beautiful tourist’s attractions in Puerto Rico. If you are holidaying in this wonderful place then make sure to visit these spots without fail. They will make you want to come back to Puerto Rico every year for a vacation!

  1. Old San Juan:

While you are in Puerto Rico, how can you not visit the Old San Juan! The cobblestone streets, pastel painted buildings, ramparts of El Morro and grand fortresses are worth seeing. During the day, you can visit all the historical places and capture stories of this place while, at night, you will meet a lot of other tourists and locals who are in a salsa grove.Old San Juan

  1. Beaches:

The list of beaches in Puerto Rico is endless. The brilliant sparkle of water and cresting waves will give you peace and relaxation. Do visit the Playa Flamenco; it is one of the world’s best beaches. Alongside, also head to Playa Isla Verde. The beaches at Puerto Rico are dreamy and endless.Beaches Puerto Rico

  1. Camuy Caves:

You cannot miss the Rio Camuy Cave Park while at Puerto Rico! The Camuy Cave System is the third largest in the world. The tour into the caves will take you through subterranean ravines to the edges of the caves over 600 feet deep. It has an underground river too.Camuy Caves

  1. Museum of Ponce:

The Ponce or Pearl of the South has a number of museums with a lot of diversity for those who love visiting museums. Start your trip with Museo de la Musica Puertorriquena and then head to Hacienda Buena Vista. Do not miss out on the best art museum, Museo de Arte De Ponce.Museum of Ponce

  1. The Vieques Biobay:

When you have a little light here, you are kayaking through mangrove trees out into the Mosquito Bay on the Vieques Island. You are wondering why this is a place to visit but here is why – You will notice that your paddles will start glowing and that’s when you will realise how beautiful this place is. Try going on a day when there is some good moonlight. This magical experience is one of the best offerings of Puerto Rico for the tourists. You cannot miss this place.The Vieques Biobay
There are plenty other places to visit once you step into Puerto Rico, but these are the best five ones which you cannot afford to miss. So book your flight right away!

Updated: July 14, 2015 — 3:32 pm
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