Best Travel Adventures for Thrill Seekers!

If you are done walking to sites and exploring museums, culture and art, then you can switch to adventurous activities while touring. Get your adrenalines pumping for your next vacation!

    • Skydiving in Hawaii: – It is no secret that many adventurous people love skydiving and Hawaii is the perfect place to do so. The gorgeous island can be seen from the air and you will find a lot of low-cost sky diving schemes in the place. You won’t just get the adrenaline rushing while freefalling thousands of feet from the air, but you will get to see the stunning view from a unique point.
      Skydiving in Hawaii


    • Heli-skiing in Whistler: – If you love skiing then heli-skiing is meant for you. Head over to Whistler in British Columbia to enjoy the experience. Hop into a helicopter and reach the highest ski point on the mountains. The reason Whistler is famous for heli-skiing is because of the perfect climate meant for ski and snowboarding.
      Heli-skiing in Whistler


    • Kayaking and Rafting the Grand Canyon: – If you love thrill in the water, then Kayaking and Rafting the Grand Canyon should be on your adventure list. Navigating the intense rapids along one of the world’s largest natural wonders is a thrill seeking activity. The view of this landmark will be one of the best things in your life!
      Kayaking and Rafting the Grand Canyon


    • Climb the Mount Everest: – Climbing the world`s highest mountain peak is not a joke. Several travellers try this adventure and only few have managed to reach the top most peak. If you can bear the weather conditions, then you should take up this challenge. This will be the most exhilarating activity you will ever do in your life. Remember to stock up on heavy duty winter clothes so that you can stay warm all the time.
      Climb the Mount Everest


    • Jungle Safari in Madagascar: – If you love animals and enjoying the wildlife then your adventure list is incomplete without a jungle Safari in Africa. Travel through the depths of the jungle, which is a truly unique place on the earth. You can see tons of animals and diverse species of some rare animals. Other activities you can do are hiking to enjoying the waterfalls to trekking and desert exploration.
      Jungle Safari in Madagascar


If these few exciting adventures are not a part of your entire list, then you should consider making a new list! An avid traveller who loves some adrenaline pumping will definitely enjoy all these fun activities. So start planning your trips right away!

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Updated: August 13, 2015 — 2:39 pm
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