Cheapest Countries to Wich Students Can Backpack

Students love to go on backpack trips during their college years. But due to lack of employment and income, most of them back out from the travel plans. We are here with the top countries where you can travel on a small budget. Just get your backpack out and get started.



Be ready to have a wonderful experience of tropical natural and classic Asian culture when in Nepal. Going on treks in the countryside, get enthralled at the beauty of Asian heritage. Visit Bhaktapur in Kathmandu Valley. Pay a visit a few of the most beautiful temples in the world like Manakamana, Bhudhanilkantha and Pashupatinath temple. For most backpackers, a one month trip too falls short of time to explore Bhopal.


LotusTemple delhi, india

This is one of the most inexpensive countries for a backpack trip. Accommodation, food and traveling all are very cheap compared to other countries in the world. All major cities in India have hostels for backpackers and several tourist guides are available for college travelers. The country has incredible places to visit, from the Taj Mahal to Sunderbans.

Sri Lanka


The commercial capital of the country, Colombo is the most famous place to visit when in Sri Lanka. The capital of the country is actually Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte and is a must visit. The Galle Face Green Promenade and Buddhist statues in Colombo are simply awesome. Be ready to get exported in another time and place in this beautiful country. People are warm, welcoming and friendly.



This country is great to visit with friends during college years. If you want to go on an inexpensive backpack trip, let Peru be your trip priority. Ruins, beaches, rainforests and much more, Peru has a lot to offer. Start your trip with the capital city Lima we suggest. The best part about this city is that you can roam there without making a plan to visit specific places. Just wear good hiking shoes and get set go on a lifetime adventure.



Turkey is one of the most widely visited countries by students on backpack trips. From food to sightseeing, everything is affordable. Turkey is an amazing amalgamation of both eastern and western cultures since it stands right in the middle of Europe and Asia.

So, get those bags out, start packing, book tickets and get set go. Your college days and these sudden plans will never come back!

Updated: March 17, 2016 — 3:03 pm
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