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Australiasydney opera house

This is an Oceanian country with the mainland of the Australian Continent. Famed as 6th largest country of the world with its total area, its neighboring countries include Indonesia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea.

What this travel site has to offer as travel destinations in Australia are

Perth – This is a capital city and known as the largest city of the Australian state. Located at Western Australia, its gross population is 1.97 million.

Features of PerthPerth, Australia

  • Kings Park – Kings Park is situated at the central district in Perth, Western Australia. Here, you’ll get to see the mix of grassed parkland, botanical gardens, and natural bushland on Mount Eliza.
  • John Forrest National Park – The location has got the favor as a day trip site from Perth. This place is full of vivid plant communities and wildlife along with a starting point for many walk trails.

United Kingdom

As its name suggest, this European country is united by England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This is an island nation in northwestern Europe.

The travel charms here worth to be visited are

Oxford – The city has been home for world class educational institutions as Oxford University among one of them. As long as 800 years, this place has set itself as a production house for many renowned scholars.

Features of OxfordSheldonian Theatre, Oxford, England

  • Sheldonian Theatre – Located at Oxford City Centre, this is the official ceremonial hall of the university.
  • Harcourt Arboretum – Been a part of the university since 1963 and spread across 130 acres of lush green land, this place is the oldest redwoods in UK.

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