Plan! Execute! Experience! Learn!

If you thought that your educational degrees have taught you a lot, lose yourself in an undiscovered place, on an unvisited land, and you will know that the knowledge travelling gives is unparalleled. St. Augustine once remarked, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” So tie up your loose ends, save money, and travel as wide as you can! Here are a few life lessons that travelling teaches you.

  • Travelling gives you a fierce sense of freedom and independence.

If you are going on a trip all by yourself, in the company of yourself, little things, like reaching the airport or locating a place to put up at, may seem a tad inconvenient. But only with such circumstances, do you learn to execute tasks all by yourself, without being dependent on anyone. This leads to growth in your confidence, which is invaluable. It is a priceless feeling to find yourself at a place that you once saw only from that world map.

  • It is a storehouse of wisdom.

Travelling makes you encounter various new people, their customs, traditions and lifestyles. You realize how unaware you were about the happenings of the world and that life is not the same for everyone.

  • Turns you into a social butterfly.

Every friend was once a stranger. Traversing alone, you meet many new people and get to them interact with them, burying all your inhibitions. This boosts your confidence and also widens your social circle.

  • It teaches you that sometimes, it is okay to be alone.

They say that disconnecting yourself from family and friends locks you in a shell. What they don’t say is that it gives you an opportunity to know yourself, work on yourself and improve yourself. We all have phases of loneliness in our lives, and that is when travelling teaches you that sometimes, a little bit of me-time is also necessary.

  • Travelling proves you that the greatest pleasures lie in the smallest things.

Exchanging a hello with a native in their language, sipping coffee with a stranger, helping someone with their luggage, shaking hands with a little child or simply passing a smile to an onlooker are little things that take up the greatest spaces in our hearts and memories.

So, check out the calendar, look out for your holiday dates and plan a trip that suits your budget. Earn, Travel and Repeat! Happy globe-trotting!

Updated: June 27, 2015 — 3:19 pm
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