Summers in Iceland

Summer is one of the finest seasons to visit the beautiful city Iceland. This city offers numerous activities to its tourist that you won’t feel bored. It is during this time of year there is heavy traffic of tourists, who take the skyroute travel and visit the country. If you are planning your next vacation in this country, these are some things that you can expect:-

Take a Tour to see an active Volcano

volcanic eruptions

Iceland is famous for its volcanic eruptions, this because the island was created by origin of volcano and is situated on the mid-Atlantic ridge hot spot. Till date, Iceland has encountered world’s one fifth lava output. That is why you should take a tour to the Iceland’s eruption sites to see the natural spectacle.

Stand on a Glacier


Almost 11% of Iceland’s land is covered with ice glaciers and ice caps. You can take a drive through the snowy wilderness across the white snowy glaciers, definitely an experience that should not be missed. Don’t worry if you are not an off-roader kind of a person. You can also hire a jeep with the professional drivers and sit back to enjoy the mesmerising beauties of the country.

Natural Hot Springs

Geysir Park area

A shocking fact is that the word ‘geyser’ originated in Iceland. The moment you enter Geysir Park area, you would come across steam rising from the hot springs and vents all across the area.

Experience a walk behind the waterfall

eljalandsfoss waterfall in South-Iceland.

This is one thing which can only be done in Seljalandsfoss, Iceland. It is one of the best places to visit and have a wonderful photographic view. The waterfall is 60-mt high dropping from cliff with a pool at its base. The best part is you can walk behind the waterfall and experience a unique waterfall perspective.

Updated: April 26, 2016 — 2:17 pm
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