Tips On What to Check Before and After You Book Your Hotel Room

It is always fun to stay at a hotel during your vacation where you get food just over a phone call and someone else makes the bed for you and you have room service to help you round the clock. I always love the way the rooms are maintained clean at hotels. When there is so much of fun, we need to be careful about the hotel room that we book especially when you travel with your family and friends. Every customer is interested in making the booking of the hotel room in such a way so as to maintain the complete privacy and secure features in mind.Book Hotels

What do you check before booking the room?

  • Cost and Facilities
  • Locality
  • Security
  • And many others

These are the main things that you concentrate before booking the hotel. Cost of the hotel room is important as you may have budget set. Find out the facilities that are provided at the hotel because, you and your family should feel comfortable during the travel. The next main thing that you need to know is the locality of the hotel. You need to understand if the area of the hotel is a safe place to stay. Keep a watch about the place and locality on news and observe if there are any terrorist activities happening in and around. Also find out if the hotel has security guards and if they operate front desk help throughout the day. Once you are sure about safety and security of the hotel, you can book your room.

What should you check after you book the room?

You cannot relax after booking the room, as you need to be very careful now and collect information about the activities going in and around the locality. Check for crime rate, find out if it is safe to walk at night and think about all possible things that requires safety of you and your family.

What do you check after reaching your hotel?

  • Do not allow the room number to be called out loud
  • Do not take rooms in the ground floor
  • Check the safety of the room (doors, windows) before accepting
  • Look for the emergency exit way
  • Note down the emergency contact numbers

When you arrive at the front desk to check-in, don’t allow them to shout the room number in public. Avoid taking room on the ground floor which is easily accessible by others. Check if the doors and windows have the proper safety and accept to stay in the room only if you are satisfied. Also find out the emergency exit way from your room in case of fire or other calamities. Make sure to take down all the important contact numbers from the front desk attendant like police station, doctors and security guards. Ensure you are safe in the room and have a peaceful stay during your trip.

Updated: April 13, 2015 — 8:06 am
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