Top 10 Hotels, Hostels and B&B in Barcelona

  1. Look Barcelona Bruc Guest House: Every rich person would like to build his home here. It consists of the well spacious and high ceiling rooms. The style here is pale grey decoration of the room. Its trade mark is its well tempting breakfast in the club. The guest house is having the coolest attributes with spectacular characteristics.
  2. Praktik Bakery: It is the most renowned baker that is well known for its branded bread. One can enjoy his luxurious time in this 74 containing well decorated rooms bakery. The visitors here know how to enjoy time in a cost effective manner.
    Praktik Bakery
  3. Retrome: The planning of this hotel was done in the 19th It is one of the exotic places in the centre that is popular for its beauty and stylish look. In Four apartments, there are eleven rooms in each. Every room is having well deco with quality based furniture of Germany.
  4. TOC, Eixample Esquerra: The entrance of the hostel has a royal and pleasing appearance. Reception area is well equipped with up to date equipments such as apple computers and lounge. The well designed dorms are really very attractive to maintain the privacy of the visitors.
    TOC, Eixample Esquerra
  5. Casa Bella Gracia: There was a time when it was only a village. Twelve rooms here are designed with very impressive tiles and latest posters. The terrace is very pleasing and the owner is a wonderful man who sends suggestions to the visitors one week before the arrival of the guest.
    Casa Bella Gracia, Gràcia
  6. Tailor’s Sant Antoni: Before coming to this business of hotel, the owner had a tailor’s workshop. His daughter also helped him in the decoration work. There is free availability of roof terrace where the visitors can enjoy recreational activities.
    Tailor’s Sant Antoni
  7. H10 Port Vell: This is one of the most interesting places to stay. A Catalan family is the owner of the class of hotels with attractive locations and the affordable rooms. It is the most spectacular hotel with amazing views and the staff members are very cordial. The look of the breakfast is also very appealing and full of distinct flavors.
    Terraza Mare Nostrum al anochecer
  8. Chic and basic Barcelona Apartments: The apartment consist of 10 rooms, having stylish lounge, dual bedrooms and well established kitchen. It is well suitable for the couples that are having young and energetic kids that enjoy eating in a more customized manner.
    Chic&basic Port Barcelona Apartments, Raval
  9. Pillowroom, Arc de Triomf: It is the first class hotel that is owned by an Italian. Though the rooms are only six in numbers, but they are very beautifully created and the furniture is very simple. If you can have more money to pay, you can get an exotic room with windows and background.
    We Boutique Hotel, Arc de Triomf
  10. Yurbban Trafalgar: The features of the hotel comprises of the top notch terrace along with an attractive pool, providing the beautiful view all over the place. You can discover a lovely experience while visiting such kind of fantastic hotel.
    Yurbban Trafalgar, Born
Updated: June 11, 2015 — 9:49 am
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